Good morning,

I wanted to share with you my intention for this page. I think that there is a lot to be gained from routinely preparing for the day ahead. I would like to use this page as a forum where we can take a few minutes each day to “get prepped”. I would love for you to join and inspire me as you share your own tips for getting the job done by commenting on Morning Coffee posts.

Personally, I wake up to a cup of coffee and start my list for the day. My “to-do” list could include just about anything, even downtime. The point is to make room for what truly needs to get done but in a doable quantity. In doing so, I set myself up for success which makes me feel good. By breaking tasks down, rather than looking at the overwhelming big picture, I am able to accomplish much more with less stress. I am able to fit in the things that are truly important in my life.

Preparing my day includes making quick decisions such as my workout and meals for the day, prioritizing family and work obligations, etc. I try to keep a fully stocked kitchen of lean protein, fresh vegetables and fruit at all times. I also try to reuse leftover meals in a creative way the following day. I take shortcuts whenever possible such as buying pre-cut and cleaned veggies or fruit. I also try to include a protein, carb and fat source at every snack and meal to get the proper nutrients and keep cravings in check.

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished each day when you are prepared.

Warmest regards,