London Broil, Pepper Jack Cheese, Roma Tomato, & Mixed Greens with Balsamic Glaze & Olive Oil on Multigrain Roll


Ingredients: London Broil (2-3 medium slices from local deli counter), 1 slice Pepper Jack cheese, Roma tomato sliced (2-4 slices), 1/4 – 1/2 cup Spring Mix, Balsamic Glaze and EVOO drizzled over tomatoes and greens and fresh ground black pepper, if desired.  Add fresh fruit.

Not every meal needs to be cooked to be delicious.  High quality ingredients make the difference between an ordinary meal and something that you truly enjoyed eating.  This powerful meal including protein, healthy fat and whole grains leaves you with no cravings for hours as you’ve satisfied so many nutritional needs.  Add fruit to finish off your meal.  Calories are not necessarily the only means to satisfying your appetite. Variety in texture and color are instrumental too!  Be mindful of your roll size here as a little goes a long way. Use a 4-6 inch roll of approximately 200 calories.

 1 sandwich is 1 serving and approx. 500 calories.

TIP: Load it up with extra tomatoes and greens to make your sandwich even more nutritous.