$100 fitlinda FLASH CONTEST

I am inviting all those currently FOLLOWING as well as my Friends on FaceBook to enter my first contest! This, of course, includes close family and friends, too.

This is how it works:

Simply enough, I am working hard at growing  My friends and family have been so supportive in helping me to do this.  There are many techniques for building a following on social media. Contests are a great way of doing this.  I am excited to see how this very first FLASH contest unfolds!  It has a short 1 week duration, hence the term “FLASH”.

Starting NOW and over the next week only, the person who is able to get the most FOLLOWERS on the website by midnight on October 5th will win a $100 Visa gift card.  For those who are not sure, FOLLOWING means simply going onto and clicking the FOLLOW This Blog message usually on right side of your screen.  The friends you refer will be asked for an email address only which is always private and unshared.  They will then receive an email message from to confirm their subscription. As you know, this simply means all newly posted workouts and healthy recipes will be headed their way via email about biweekly.

Secondly, you will send an email to me at listing the FOLLOWERS you recruited. Once I confirm that they are now FOLLOWING the site, let the games begin!

Best of luck and thank you in advance for your continued support!


The winner will be announced on October 10th on and FaceBook.