Happy New Year


Today is the perfect day to strengthen my connection to YOU! 2015 will be a year that will always be pivotal for me. It’s the year I launched fitlinda.com and pursued my passion which was always right under my nose!  Took me long enough since I’ll be 45…holy, moly!!!

First, I want to sincerely thank you for helping me move forward. With the help of my family and friends via Facebook, word of mouth and attending my classes, I have made so many unexpected special connections.

Secondly, “Paybacks in 2016” is my way of paying you back and showing my gratitude. The intention of my site is to inspire and encourage you, help you find some stress relief and make you feel good. I want to strongly encourage you to ask for what you want to see on fitlinda.com. Tell me what YOU need! I want to pay you back for what you have given me.

Lastly, but so importantly, I need to shamelessly continue to ask you all to SHARE on FB, encourage your circle of friends and family to FOLLOW the site, comment, interact and blog. This will create a larger community of people who support each other. I have been so fortunate to have many friends in the local area that have been willing to “expose” themselves with me, especially on the videos…not an easy task. My goal is to involve more of you on the site in 2016 so I need you to be shameless too! Interact with me and make fitlinda.com your site by determining its contents.

Wishing you Love, Health and Happiness in the New Year!