Pork “Fried” Couscous


As a healthier alternative to pork fried rice, I opted to substitute couscous for the rice. No butter was added to this recipe which is commonly found in the restaurant versions. Instead, use EVOO.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, any time I refer to greasing my pan, a no-calorie cooking spray was used.

Ingredients: 1 cup couscous, 1 small yellow onion and 3 large carrots cut into 1/4 inch pieces, 8-10 0z. can of peas rinsed and drained, 2 large eggs beaten and seasoned with salt & pepper, 2-3 tbs EVOO, 2 tbs low sodium soy sauce or to taste, additional salt & black pepper to taste, and 1 lb. cooked boneless pork ribs cut into 1/4 inch pieces. Any fully cooked pork, beef or chicken may be substituted. Use what is readily available. I used leftover boneless pork ribs with excess fat trimmed off prior to cooking.

*Note: My leftover ribs were originally boiled for 8 minutes approximately. They were then transferred to a greased baking sheet. I seasoned with salt and pepper to taste. They were then roasted for 20 minutes at 375-400 degrees. Ribs were turned halfway through cooking time. Leftovers were cut into  1/4 inch pieces prior to being used in this recipe.

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Servings: 6 servings as an entree

Step 1: Cook couscous according to package directions. Set aside covered until ready to use and water is fully absorbed.

Step 2: Cook eggs in a greased pan until no longer runny. Transfer to a plate. Let cool for about a minute then cut into 1/2 inch strips. Set aside.



Step 3: Heat 1 tbs EVOO in a large skillet over medium heat. Add chopped onion and carrots and saute until tender for about 6-7 minutes. Because carrots take a bit longer to soften, I often steam them in the microwave in a loosely covered container for about 3 minutes with a tsp of water prior to sauteeing.  Add cooked pork and peas. Season lightly with fresh ground black pepper, gently toss and cook another minute or two. Keep in mind that you will be adding soy sauce to the recipe which is salty. Set aside.



Step 4: Add remaining tbs EVOO to a skillet and heat over a medium/high flame. Fluff the couscous with a fork then evenly distribute in heated pan so that most of the grains touch the bottom and become browned or “fried”. Cook for 5-6 minutes then flip grains over to brown the other sides. Depending on the consistency you prefer, add EVOO as needed.



Step 5: Add the egg, vegetables, pork and soy sauce (to taste) to the couscous and gently fold under low heat until fully incorporated. Transfer to a serving dish.

Tip: A low-fat chicken stock can be added in Step 5 if you prefer a moister consistency. Add 1 tbs at a time and gently combine.