It’s this kind of feedback that drives me every day. I hope what Bonnie wrote inspires you in some way too. I asked her to write a brief testimonial for and, as usual,  Bonnie goes above and beyond.

Sincerest thanks!!!

“If you are looking for a fitness site to get you motivated to start your fitness journey, then you have landed on the right spot. Linda brings her passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle into everything she does. I am not just a web follower, but I am also a member at the local health club where she instructs. Linda encourages you to do your best, whether you have been a lifelong gym member or brand new to a new workout program, giving her classes options at all levels of fitness. She brings her high energy every day and never skips a beat, whether you are attending her kick box class, step aerobics class, or body works with weights class. Linda has an amazing energy level and manages to connect with every person that attends her class and makes you want to come back over and over again.

Linda’s amazing workout videos can be viewed on her webpage, offering anything from ab and cardio workouts to partner workouts that will guarantee to challenge both your strength and endurance. Linda is guaranteed to motivate you, so challenge yourself and launch one of her fitness videos.

I always look forward to her amazing recipes that are not just mouthwatering but also healthy. She researches informational tips on both working out as well as nutritional foods to educate you on the importance of both. I know Linda spends a lot of her personal time to choreograph her class routines and videos, as well as putting together recipes, which I know she does all in the best interest of the fitness of her family, friends and faithful followers.”

-Bonnie Voltz