I asked my friends, Toby and Lien for a testimonial that I could include on I respect them both as strong women who are able to juggle family, career and living a healthy lifestyle. I know how difficult this can be today but these two make it work. They prioritize their health and fitness so that they can be at their best for their family and friends. I am inspired to work hard by their examples. Thank you, ladies. 

“I have been taking Linda’s classes for over two years and have personally noticed a difference in my strength and stamina as a result. Her classes are engaging from the moment she starts until the very end. I always leave class feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. Linda knows everybody’s name and is always encouraging. Her class is very upbeat and goes by very quickly. There are no clock-watchers in Linda’s class! She differentiates her moves so everyone of all fitness levels can participate.”

“As someone who often travels for business, her videos are essential to my regimen. They are easy to follow and a great way to stay heathy and in shape while on the road. It’s like having Linda in my hotel room pushing me to work hard.”

-Toby Gruber

“I love Linda’s website. It’s full of great recipes and workouts. Just when you think you’ve done everything, she comes up with a new combo or a new and healthy way of making something. I can remember the first time I took her Step class at La Fitness. After doing step in college, I thought I was prepared for the challenge. Little did I know, I was mentally and physically exhausted afterwards. But like everything else in life, you can’t give up after trying something new….you’ve got to repeat it! That’s why I’ve been a loyal student and have recommended my friends who are into fitness (and those who need some motivation) to check out her classes and videos online. When I’m away on vacation or business trip, I would turn to Linda’s website for inspiration.”

-Lien Vu