Enjoy Your Culinary Pleasures This Holiday Season


Give yourself permission to indulge at times and enjoy that indulgence thoughtfully as it represents so much more than just excess calories. Life is about experiences. Baking for my family and friends creates pleasurable memories for me and them. Sharing festiveĀ meals and traditional desserts is the perfect setting for catching up with those who mean the most in our lives. To me the holidays are a time to make special memories with those I love. Most times, these memories are made at my kitchen table.

Create a healthy mind-set for you and your family by ridding yourself of the unnecessary guilt associated with holiday festivities. By sticking to a healthy diet as a norm, occasional splurges should put no one over the edge. There is never a need for deprivation or guilt. By simply usingĀ good judgement and listening to your body’s cues, you canĀ enjoy your culinary pleasures this holiday season.

Find a recipe you love and make sharing it a tradition. Feel good about the experiences you are creating as simple as they may be. Enjoy your holiday indulgence for all that it represents, tradition, family, nourishment and love. Happy Holidays!!!


Pumpkin Bread and Apple/BananaĀ Cupcakes