This is my friend and personal training client Jenn. Jenn is a 45 year old wife and mother of three who manages a challenging career to boot. She is one of the most dedicated and hard-working women I know.


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“Several months ago, I decided I needed to reevaluate my choices. Diets, cleansing and the same old cardio routine were not working for me anymore. My mindset of deprivation was standing in the way of achieving my personal health and fitness goals. After taking a few of Linda’s fitness classes and following, I knew her approach was right for me! I reached out to Linda and asked her to take me on as a Personal Training client. It has been and amazing journey and I am loving every minute!

Every session with Linda is different, fresh and energizing. I am always amazed that we never seem to do the same thing twice! She customizes my training to meet my goals and pushes me to limits I never thought I could reach. Linda educates me as we move through our workouts. I always understand the focus and end result of the exercise or move which helps to motivate me. It doesn’t stop there! We talk about nutrition and ideas to switch up food choices to support my fitness goals. No more diets! Linda also make suggestions for cardio and weight training between our sessions. Linda is only a text away for help..she is always there for encouragement!

I feel and see the results! My family has seen a boost in my energy and overall positive change in attitude! I am no longer a slave to the scale! I am wearing clothes comfortably that I haven’t fit into and feel awesome! Linda brings her “Personal Touch” to Personal Training. I am thrilled to be her client!”

Jenn Dougherty, North Wales, PA

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