Fit Followers is a recent addition to my site that will serve to recognize people I know who are truly an inspiration to me. These are friends in my community who have set goals for themselves and have attained them through nothing short of sheer fortitude and determination. You may recognize their faces from my classes or from the local area. They are inspiring beyond their fitness. I hope my introducing you to them motivates you too.

Name: Cheryl Simon

Occupation:  Insurance Recruiter/Staffing Professional

Owner, SimonSolutions, Inc.

Age:  Well, I’m not in my 40’s anymore, let’s just say that.

Hobbies/Interests:  My son Jake is my number one hobby. He’s 14 and a hip
hop dancer and I love watching him perform! I love step aerobics, hip hop
dancing (for moms), walking, jogging, cooking, reading books on health and
wellness. Oh, and shopping… I just love shopping for anything that makes
me feel great!

What does a normal week’s workout look like for you?
Mon – weights and step aerobics/AM, hip hop dance/PM
Tues – walking/jogging (if my knees allow) or dancing plus abs
Wed – weights, walking or dancing plus abs
Thurs – walking or dancing plus abs
Fri – weights, step aerobics
Sat – weights, step aerobics
Sun – typically off or I go for a walk

Why do you work out?  I have standards for myself. I want to feel and
look healthy as well as keep my energy up. The only way to do that is to
take care of myself which includes both diet and exercise. Secondly, I love
it! If I don’t work out, I feel terrible the rest of the day.

What motivates you?  Feeling great and having a ton of energy! I get those
things by doing what I love. I’ve tried swimming and biking which are
supposed to be better for my knees, but I didn’t like it so I didn’t do it.
I absolutely love anything choreographed to music that I love.

What quality or characteristic do you possess that makes you most proud or
 The 2 P’s! I’m positive and passionate. For me, they go hand and
hand. I’m naturally a positive person and try to do things (work, health,
projects) that I’m passionate about. When both are in the mix, I usually
always reach my goals.

Future fitness goals:  To be truly “healthy”. I’ve always been into fitness
throughout my life but I confused looking fit with actually being fit. Being
fit is from within. I know now that a plant based diet is the best way to
ensure health and wellness and avoid disease. I just I wish I started a
plant based diet much earlier in life for myself and my family, but
hopefully my son is young enough to learn from me and live a healthier life.
My new bible, How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger. Here’s to the next 50!