Personal Training:
* For the client looking to make lifestyle changes that they are struggling to make on their own
* To get maximum results in minimum time with a program designed specifically for the client
* Completely customized program that includes goal setting, fitness assessments, program design, nutritional guidance and offline personal coaching
* Best for those with difficult schedules…and those that feel more comfortable in a one-on-one setting
* High degree of education on how to train and perform exercises safely
* $65 – $80 per 1 hour session depending on travel time


Small Wins:
* Best for those ready to get back into shape
* 1 hour session: 45 minutes training / 15 minutes in-person coaching
* 4 weeks, 2 days a week in-person training, 1 day a week on-line training with meal planΒ 
* Small class size
* Learn how to train and perform exercises
* Weight, body-weight and cardio oriented
* Objective is to re-establish a healthy baseline of cardiovascular health and strength….and most importantly, confidence.
* $180 – 4 week session


* Best for those looking to advance their fitness level and supplement their existing workout routine
* Pop-Ups
* Sign up is one class at a time
* Larger class size
* High intensity
* Cross functional exercises
* Objective is to advance all elements of fitness….strength, flexibility, endurance, muscle toning and cardiovascular health
* $20 per session