BEFORE                                                AFTER

My friend and client, Jenn, has had awesome results! She has lost 10 inches and 10 pounds and is in amazing condition. Jenn works hard to maintain a high level of endurance and strength.  Her training includes everything from weight lifting to boxing to step aerobics. Her discipline, patience and determination have been key to her results. Here is more about Jenn:

Name: Jenn Dougherty

Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist

Age: 46

What does a normal week’s workout look like for you? Two Sessions of Personal Training with Linda, Bootcamp, Cardio on the off-weight days includes runs/walks/sprints. I train on 6 days with one day off.

Why do you workout? Overall Health Benefits, Stress Relief, Healthy Weight Management

What motivates you? My Family and Personal Trainer:) and Goal Setting

What fitness related goal have you achieved over the past several weeks/months? 3- 2 minute planks in a session; lifting much heavier weight with increased reps; cardio stamina improvement

What quality or characteristic do you possess that makes you most proud or confident? Persistence and multi-tasking…I may complain…but I get it done…LOL! Right, Linda???

Future fitness goals: More lean tone overall…focus on abs, possible six pack?!?!…continue to challenge myself with Linda’s help!!!