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As I wrote the message below to the members of my Small Wins Group this morning, who are successfully embarking on their 4th and final week of the current session, I thought it may be helpful to anyone at all that may need some direction with their weight loss or fitness goals. So if that’s you, take a minute for some full-proof suggestions that may be helpful to you too this weekend. Fitness and weight loss are a constant challenge for most of us. Please reach out to me anytime at

“The last week of our current session is quickly approaching! Let’s all
start now to increase our PUSH! Get excited about what we have accomplished to date.
The key NOW is to carry the excitement FORWARD. By visualizing how you will feel and look after meeting the healthy and realistic goals that I know you all have, you will create the energy and motivation needed to really get there. The goal is closer than you think so don’t get complacent. This is where you push harder so you can GET THERE NOW. Stay in the moment….PLEASE;)
  1. Reassess sugar and salt intake…clean and unprocessed real food is what you need for nourishment. I want you to see the difference these adjustments make in your body composition. I also would like for you to enjoy what you are eating. You should feel good AFTER you eat most importantly.
  2. Cut your alcohol down significantly this weekend. Try thinking about it this way….alcohol is NOT good for you. Forget the calories for a minute. It affects your health. I absolutely believe everything in moderation but when it becomes more than that, it’s time to break the habit, especially if that’s what is keeping you from your happiness long term. Don’t reverse all the good you have done thus far. That will just make you feel defeated.
  3. Once you get through this weekend you can determine what “in moderation” means for your body. By making these changes, you will undoubtedly be less bloated, firmer, more energized and happier. Pay attention to the changes to your body over the next several days as a result of the above.
  4. Stay ENGAGED in the process. This is FUN! Share your successes with me and the group. It is encouraging and helpful. I love getting texts from you letting me know you passed on dessert or you did your workout even though you didn’t feel like it or you lost 3 more pounds! Feed off of each other’s success.
Have a great day!”