Confident Cooking

Hear how learning the BASICS of healthy cooking made positive changes in my client’s life.

Testimonial by Christine Mele:
“I was the worst offender of not making the time to cook healthy. I think it was partly due to demands on my time. The other factor was not knowing what to cook. Once I started with a few easy recipes from Linda, I realized it wasn’t that hard at all! I started trying a few things (always working with Linda who provided helpful recommendations) …. AND I really enjoyed having good food in the house. So did my family!!! The other benefit was that I felt so much better! It helped to take inches off. Most importantly, I found out that I wasn’t such a bad cook! I have gotten into the habit of making a few things that will last the week. I’m then able to fill in with some additional healthy options. Honestly, it has been such a positive change for me. My hubby appreciates that I’m cooking a little more, too 😉! Thanks Linda!!!”


Healthy Cooking is the most important component of weight loss and good health. Learn how with a Confident Cooking Class. It’s EASY!!! Reserve your spot on Nov 9th. Spots are limited.


Original Post:

Are you confident that what you think is healthy actually is? Do you feel like your attempts at reaching your fitness goals are falling short because of your nutrition? Healthy eating is clean eating. It energizes your body, improves your mood and sharpens your mind. To be successful, you need to get both your fitness and nutrition right!

HEALTHY cooking is easier than you think. Develop the skills and confidence to prepare healthy meals that are delicious and versatile. Learn the BASICS and reach your fitness goals so much more easily and enjoyably!

I am offering a 2 1/2 hour class on the basics of HEALTHY and DELICIOUS cooking. You will learn how to prepare two recipes. We will discuss what makes or breaks a healthy meal and why the “healthy” foods you eat at restaurants are not always as healthy as you think!

If you are unsure, reluctant or lacking confidence in your ability to cook, let me show you how to do it! This will be EASY, FUN and, most importantly, HEALTHY and DELICIOUS.

Learn how to cook and be CONFIDENT. Know exactly what you and your family are eating!


When: November 9th, 10:30am or 4:00pm (2 + hours)

Where: My Kitchen

What are we making: Homemade Low-Fat Turkey Burgers and Tuscan Vegetable Bean Soup

What to bring: A grocery list will be provided for each participant prior to class. You will supply your own ingredients and cooking tools.

Price: $50

Contact me at linda@fitlinda.com to sign up.