Becky Roosevelt is one determined lady.  Although always living a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family, Becky wanted to push a little harder towards her ideal weight and decided to join Small Wins© in January. In just 4 short weeks, Becky was able to lose 9 inches and 7 1/2 pounds! She was focused and committed. As a result, Becky looks and feels fantastic. Becky asked lots of great questions and took advantage of everything the program has to offer. She is one inspiring woman. Here is more about Becky:

  • Name:  Becky Roosevelt
  • Occupation:  stay-at-home mom, Arbonne representative and soon to be part-time spin instructor
  • Age: 45
  • What fitness-related goals have you achieved over the past several weeks?  I’ve achieved my goal by lowering my weight into a range I desired. The inches are a tremendous bonus!
  • Future fitness goals:  To reduce the scale number by 5 but, most importantly, to maintain an even keel and to closely follow my new nutrition plan.
  • What quality or characteristic do you possess that makes you most proud or confident?  Linda gave me lots of information and tools to keep me motivated. I asked for harish-ish training and coaching and told her I would always be honest.  It works because of her endless support and my commitment to always be truthful. My ability to put myself out there to get the support I needed makes me most proud.
  • Why do you workout?  I workout to stay fit, keep a positive attitude and have time for myself in a busy schedule.
  • What motivates you?  I am motivated by being surrounded by a positive group with a fearless leader – if I am accountable to someone, I am motivated!!!

If you have been considering joining our group, now is the time! A new session begins 2/5. Few spots are remaining.