If you are feeling bored with your routine, it’s time for some ADVANCED moves that you can add to your exercise library. Amp-Up Upper Body and Amp-Up Lower Body were created to push you outside of your comfort zone. These exercises will wake up your muscles and leave you feeling accomplished to say the least👊🏼.

STRONG SHOULDERS, ELBOWS, WRISTS, LEGS AND CORE AS WELL AS BODY AWARENESS are pretty much required here. Although you may feel unstable at the onset, with practice and continued strength training, I know you can get there! Now, we all have “stuff” we need to work around so if these moves aren’t for you in the form I’ve presented, let’s modify. You can omit the weights used in my plank moves or take out the pushups for instance. Do what makes you feel great, strong and secure. Good Luck! 😉

Try performing 4-8 reps of each move for 1-3 sets as most of these exercises are lengthy compound strength and balance movements requiring time, patience and focus. You will need stable dumbbells with large flat heads like those in the video. For the plank exercises, you can also perform these moves entirely on the floor and work your way up to supporting yourself on the dumbbells.

Leave a comment to let me in on your progress too. I’m always here to lend a hand so ask away…XOXO.