For many of us, the rhythm of our hectic lives makes it difficult to commit to a fixed training schedule. The prospect of a 60 minute class may seem a bit overwhelming or time-consuming to incorporate into your busy schedules. So, I am launching new 30 minute training sessions that are designed specifically for the time-challenged client who wants to feel great physically and emotionally. Each session will be customized to your particular goals and circumstances. During our free introductory consultation call, we’ll talk through what you want to achieve, and I’ll then design a session that you’ll find inspiring, fun and effective. We’ll experiment with a variety of exercises until we find those that work best for you. Most importantly, we’ll together help you look and feel your best.
Pricing:                $40 per 1/2 hour session
Timing:                 8:00am – 7:00pm
Location:             My Home Gym