Here are 3 Advanced Cable Exercises that take a little trial and error to get right. Be patient because there are so many important gains resulting from these moves. The purpose is to fight for balance and work towards greater mobility as you build lean muscle. Work through the movement without the cable first. Once you have it down, add the cable on the lightest weight. Play with your foot position until you feel stable flipping over and back while holding the cable handle. Move freely on the supporting arm as you flip. As always, the core is fully engaged. Add weight gradually to challenge yourself being careful not to overload the joints.

Exercise 1
– Flip and drive hips up as you fully extend cable across the chest.

Exercise 2 – Flip and keep hips low to the ground as you attempt to tap the cable handle to the floor just outside of your hip.

Exercise 3 – Start in plank position with feet in a wide stance. Drive cable handle to floor slowly and return to elevated position slowly.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Better yet, show me your moves! 😍 🎥

Have a healthy day!