Good morning…I hope everyone had a full, positive and productive week. Unwind and make some great memories this weekend with your favorite people. Of course, get physical, too!

Below is a recap of this week’s highlights. Spring is here so it’s a great time to reassess your fitness goals. If you are looking to try something new in terms of one-on-one training, try a 30 or 60 Minute Personal Training Session. Small Wins starts up again on May 14th. If you would like to try a class before joining the next session, now is the time as you can jump into a class in my current session to see if it’s for you. I want you to be comfortable and happy on your journey.

Find a source of motivation that works for you this weekend. I hope the videos attached give you inspiration for your own workouts. Modify the moves to make them your own. Make a new workout playlist or pick up new gear to get you excited about exercise. YOUR healthy approach to living is specific to you and needs to be fun and fulfilling to be sustainable.

As always, I am here to help…xoxo.


Need a quick workout with life-changing benefits? 30 Minute Personal Training Sessions are the answer! For many of us, the rhythm of our hectic lives makes it difficult to commit to a fixed training schedule. The prospect of a 60 minute class may seem a bit overwhelming or time-consuming to incorporate into your busy schedules. So, I am launching new 30 minute training sessions that are designed specifically for the time-challenged client who wants to feel great physically and emotionally. Each session will be customized to your particular goals and circumstances. During our free introductory consultation call, we’ll talk through what you want to achieve, and I’ll then design a session that you’ll find inspiring, fun and effective. We’ll experiment with a variety of exercises until we find those that work best for you. Most importantly, we’ll together help you look and feel your best. For more info, contact me at or checkout link in bio. #feelgoodagain #howtotrain #workoutsthatwork #getitdone #changeyourlife #iwillhelpyousucceed

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Here are 3 Advanced Cable Exercises that take a little trial and error to get right. Be patient because there are so many important gains resulting from these moves. The purpose is to fight for balance and work towards greater mobility as you build lean muscle. Work through the movement without the cable first. Once you have it down, add the cable on the lightest weight. Play with your foot position until you feel stable flipping over and back while holding the cable handle. Move freely on the supporting arm as you flip. As always, core is fully engaged. Add weight gradually to challenge yourself being careful not to overload the joints. Tips: Exercise 1 – Flip and drive hips up as you fully extend cable across the chest. Exercise 2 – Flip and keep hips low to the ground as you attempt to tap the cable handle to the floor just outside of your hip. Exercise 3 – Start in plank position with feet in a wide stance. Drive cable handle to floor slowly and return to elevated position slowly. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Better yet, show me your moves! 😍 🎥 #cables #cableworkout #lovefitness #functionaltraining #moveyourbody #mobility #flexibility #leanmuscle #strengthtraining #personaltrainer #fitlinda #smallwinsprogram #healthylifestyle #fitlife #health #activelife

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Alo Yoga and Nike are pulling out ALL THE STOPS this year. COLORS, FIT and QUALITY couldn’t be more perfect! The combination of strength and femininity is a constant theme which resonates with me and makes me a loyal customer to these brands. The fit of Alo Yoga Airbrush High Waisted Leggings are hard to beat. They simply make my legs feel supported and strong while training. They hold their shape like no other, too. The NIKE AIR MAX 97’s are stable, supportive and great looking! They feel indestructible and I can see why they are highly coveted. Alo Yoga and Nike can be found on Use my coupon code, LINDASCA50, for 25% off. @streetwearxnai #streetwearxnai #nikeairmax97premium #nikerunning #nikewomen #aloyoga #aloyogaleggings #personaltrainer #fitlinda #smallwinsprogram #athleisure #athleticwear #dressthepart #fitnessgear #leggings #runningshoes #kicks #sneakers #earthytones #workoutclothes

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