NIKE Air Max 98 is the latest in reintroduced running sneakers from this brand. These are not for everyone as they have a distinctive fit and are heavier than most runners. The fit happens to be one that I am in constant search of as I need a supportive training shoe that stabilizes my feet when moving from side to side as well as forward and back. Unexpectedly, this shoe is perfect for athletic drills as well as shorter runs as the substantial Air Max sole absorbs impact effectively and has great traction. The canvas and leather uppers are heavy duty and high quality. They run small by about a half size but they also seem to mold to your feet and break in rather quickly. The color and sizes are limited as of now as it seems the quantities produced by NIKE are low.

NIKE Air Max 98’s can be purchased on for $160. You will also find them on boutique sites but with a significantly higher price tag.