A picture says a thousand words! Margot Adams has certainly done it well! She has been committed to a program that works well for her, Small Wins. Margot has gotten great results reinforcing her commitment which also helps her to better manage her nutrition. This is a great cycle to find yourself in. As part of the Small Wins Program, Margot has been able to shed inches and pounds by maintaining a consistent exercise program in a supportive group in addition to exercising portion control. Her diet is not processed but nutrient-rich. She still eats her favorite foods but in moderation. You CAN have it all!

Name: Margot Adams


Executive Director @ The Children’s School at Saint John’s
Age: 55

What fitness-related goals have you achieved over the past several weeks? 

Over the past several weeks I have been successfully engaged in a consistent exercise routine that includes cardio training, weight lifting, and balance work for an over-all whole body fitness program. Together with exercise, I have been able to curtail my eating habits by cutting down on portion sizes and reducing fat, salt and sugar intake, all of which have proved positive for me!

Future fitness goals:

I would love to continue with my exercise routine, increase strength to build bone mass, and to continue with weight loss – perhaps another five pounds!

What quality or characteristic do you possess that makes you most proud or confident?

I am really amazed at how well I have committed to exercising by attending classes! Juggling work, home, family and now exercise too is a bit tricky at times, but so worth it in the end!

Why do you workout?

My main reason for working out is to improve my over-all health status, but of course, losing a few pounds in the process is an expectation for me as well, because I REALLY want to achieve that “feel good-look good” mentality!

What motivates you?

Honestly, what motivates me now is seeing my body transform, both with weight loss and increased muscle definition! But initially, when physical changes were not quite so noticeable, my motivation came from attending Linda’s Small Wins Classes. Being encouraged to keep moving and to eat healthy inspired me to continue with working out and reducing calorie intake. Also, being in a small group with others has helped too. Seeing others with their everyday successes and setbacks helps me to keep focused on my own goals, but it also gives me a different perspective on what others are experiencing and struggling with.

What derails you?

I still struggle with the idea of portion control. I enjoy eating, and I really love an array of foods – in particular, I adore “old fashioned home-style cooking,” but with that comes calories and higher fat. Keeping those types of foods to a minimum is a constant battle, but knowing I can indulge occasionally helps to lesson the cravings. The old saying “moderation is the key” is proving successful for me, but nonetheless a hard thing to live by at times!