Have you been bored and unmotivated when it comes to your workout routine? If you could benefit from a challenge that is fast and effective to reboot your fitness and nutrition goals, I have something very special for you! CHALLENGES have become extremely popular most recently because they shake things up mentally and physically to invigorate you. Adding the 3 Day Healthy Body Challenge into your workout routine will place the necessary demands on your muscles to create positive changes. You will BUILD LEAN MUSCLE, INCREASE CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE AND BURN FAT! 

The techniques I utilize in the training videos are focused on a continuous flow of weighted, body-resistance and cardiovascular exercises. As you build your stamina, each 10 minute video should be repeated or combined to lengthen your workouts and to challenge you further. Light dumbbells are the only equipment needed in order to make this challenge as convenient for you as possible! 

The nutrition component of the challenge is to simply prepare at least one healthy home-cooked meal for each of the 3 challenge days. A wide variety of healthy recipes can be found on my site to help you. It is indisputable that cooking at home will make you more conscientious about how you are fueling your body. Of course, great nutrition in combination with these great workouts will set you up to form new healthy habits when you may need them most.

EVERYONE CAN COMMIT TO 3 HEALTHY DAYS! I am working with you and guiding you through every movement. These videos will become your secret weapon when needing something fresh and fast to ignite your progress, bust boredom or even prepare for a special event in your life. 

Stop waiting and take the first step to working out with me! It’s time to reset your body and mind and get active. 3 WORKOUTS, 3 HEALTHY HOME-COOKED MEALS and HUNDREDS OF CALORIES BURNED. 


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