Meet Rachel Beck. Rachel is a successful photographer and the owner of Rachel Beck Photography in North Wales, PA. She works hard at everything she puts her mind to and always encourages others to be their best and do the same. Watch out if you are on her radar. Rachel has shared her training experience with friends and has literally pulled them from their beds to get their workouts in. Rachel does it all! She lifts, cycles and snowboards just to name a few of the activities that keep her in great shape. Her determination is nothing short of inspirational. Rachel was kind enough to share her experience as it relates to training with me over the past few years.

”When I first met Linda, I was at my heaviest weight and feeling super insecure. After experimenting with a few group fitness classes, I met Linda and she became my favorite trainer! Her high level of energy and motivation are in parallel to no one I’ve met before!  She is your personal cheerleader throughout every session, leading and pushing you to give it your all and have an amazing workout! When you are with her, you can’t help but give 150%!  It’s clear how much she loves fitness in everything she does. I am ever thankful that she helped me lose 15 pounds, keeping it off for over two years. Linda has also remained a wonderful friend whom I’m so happy came into my life!”