When I first met Linda, I was at my heaviest weight and feeling super insecure. After experimenting with a few group fitness classes, I met Linda and she became my favorite trainer! Her high energy level was so motivating and exceeded that of any other trainer I’ve met! She is your personal cheerleader pushing you to give your all and have an amazing workout! When you are with her, you can’t help but go 150% after feeling her energy! You can see how much she loves fitness in everything she does. I am ever thankful that she helped me to lose 15 pounds, keeping it off for over two years, and also has remained a wonderful friend who I’m so happy came into my life! – Rachel Beck


Are you in your 50’s?
Are you going through menopause?
Feel out of shape and have no energy?
Look no longer!! Let me introduce you to my LIL FRIEND, LINDA, A.K.A…THE ENERGIZER BUNNY RABBIT !!🐰
Linda has turned my 50’s into 40’s. She has brought me to heights I never thought I could achieve! I dare you to take 1 CLASS. That is all it takes…then you are addicted! Just when you think you can’t do one more rep, there she is…motivating you to push beyond what you think your limits are! Throughout the day, she will post videos or even text you to help keep you accountable! Linda is more than a personal trainer…Linda is a FRIEND AND, TO ME, MY MENTOR!!
She is THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!! – Josie Yockey


If you can find a way to work out with Linda, do it! She makes it simple by offering multiple classes on different schedules, plus personal training sessions at other times. Linda combines intense workouts that you can scale to your fitness level with a common sense, moderate, real food approach to nutrition so you get the fuel you need to power through your workout and the rest of your day. It’s a very effective combination that has helped me lose pounds and inches in a gradual, doable way that is easy to stick with. I honestly feel better since working with her than I have in a long time, and I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. She is inspiring because she is so fit and dedicated to what she does, but she also inspires through her words and makes you want to do your best. She is always encouraging and takes the time to provide thoughtful answers to questions or to give modifications to any exercises that are an issue for you. She has a way of delivering information about nutrition and exercise in a way that just clicks and makes you want to do your best every day. Working out with Linda is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. You will work, but you will be thrilled with the results and they will keep you coming back! – Rebecca Peters


When I met you 6 weeks ago, I told you I had this dress I took to the Bahamas that was too tight and I couldn’t wear it…that prompted my journey with you! Well, I tried it on today and it fits! Thank you Linda. Can’t wait to see what we accomplish next. – Elizabeth McCabe


When I first approached Linda with questions about Small Wins I was nervous – nervous about being a success. I workout but controlling my food and portions never worked. Linda is amazing – always reachable, fresh ideas, very supportive and on top of me in the harshish way I asked her to be!!!! The workouts twice a week were icing on my cake – no pun intended – no one eats cake in small wins!!! LOL Just like with the food, Linda pushed me in my workouts to use different weights, different methods and I met some really fun new friends. I have surpassed my original goal and Linda is still cheering me on!!!!! -Becky Roosevelt


Linda, I just want to say thank you! For 1 whole year I could not get back to my 10 minute-mile run speed that I used to do. For the first time since then, I did it thanks to your workouts and motivation! – Lilit Margolin


Linda is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to begin living a healthy and active lifestyle. She not only introduces a person to exercise techniques and better eating habits, she is also there with them as a role model, who encourages and offers advice along the way. Linda recognizes that no “cookie-cutter” approach will do, but rather, she listens to the individual goals and needs of her clients and tailors a unique program to enable success!
Additionally, Linda’s personality is immensely uplifting. She compliments everyone during each and every class, which I believe is the best motivation of all! Linda demonstrates compassion and understanding towards the fact that her clients are coming from different philosophies, age levels, personal inhibitions and struggles. No matter where any individual is in terms of their exercise level and eating habits, Linda will guide them in a forward path through active engagement in a fun manner! – Margot Adams


“I first met Linda as a fitness instructor at a local gym. I always looked forward to the summer or days off when I could take Linda’s class. It was high energy and never the same class twice. I then began taking Linda’s pop-up boot camp classes in the summer and the workout was amazing. The perfect mix of strength and cardio plus the hill workout at the end. Just when you think you can’t go any further Linda is there encouraging you to go on. One of the woman in the class mentioned that she takes the pop-up boot camp plus trains with Linda privately. I had been looking for something more in my workout and I thought I would give personal training a try. I began training with Linda privately and the results I saw were amazing. I had friends ask me what I was doing differently. My body immediately began to transform! I continue to train with Linda when my schedule allows, and I look forward to the summer when I can see her weekly again. After the workout Linda will text me and comment on how I did with her and that means the world to me. It is such a personal touch. Training with Linda privately is never the same workout twice and every muscle in my body is used. I do exercises with Linda I didn’t think I could ever do on my own. I feel so strong when I work with Linda.“ –  Dorene M.


“I was the worst offender of not making the time to cook healthy. I think it was partly due to demands on my time. The other factor was not knowing what to cook. Once I started with a few easy recipes from Linda, I realized it wasn’t that hard at all! I started trying a few things (always working with Linda who provided helpful recommendations) …. AND I really enjoyed having good food in the house. So did my family!!! The other benefit was that I felt so much better! It helped to take inches off. Most importantly, I found out that I wasn’t such a bad cook! I have gotten into the habit of making a few things that will last the week. I’m then able to fill in with some additional healthy options. Honestly, it has been such a positive change for me. My hubby appreciates that I’m cooking a little more, too 😉! Thanks Linda!!!” – Christine Mele


“If you are looking for a fitness site to get you motivated to start your fitness journey, then you have landed on the right spot. Linda brings her passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle into everything she does. I am not just a web follower, but I am also a member at the local health club where she instructs. Linda encourages you to do your best, whether you have been a lifelong gym member or brand new to a new workout program, giving her classes options at all levels of fitness. She brings her high energy every day and never skips a beat, whether you are attending her kick box class, step aerobics class, or body works with weights class. Linda has an amazing energy level and manages to connect with every person that attends her class and makes you want to come back over and over again.

Linda’s amazing workout videos can be viewed on her fitlinda.com webpage, offering anything from ab and cardio workouts to partner workouts that will guarantee to challenge both your strength and endurance. Linda is guaranteed to motivate you, so challenge yourself and launch one of her fitness videos.

I always look forward to her amazing recipes that are not just mouthwatering but also healthy. She researches informational tips on both working out as well as nutritional foods to educate you on the importance of both. I know Linda spends a lot of her personal time to choreograph her class routines and videos, as well as putting together recipes, which I know she does all in the best interest of the fitness of her family, friends and faithful followers.” – Bonnie Voltz
“I have been taking Linda’s classes for over two years and have personally noticed a difference in my strength and stamina as a result. Her classes are engaging from the moment she starts until the very end. I always leave class feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. Linda knows everybody’s name and is always encouraging. Her class is very upbeat and goes by very quickly. There are no clock-watchers in Linda’s class! She differentiates her moves so everyone of all fitness levels can participate.
As someone who often travels for business, her videos are essential to my regimen. They are easy to follow and a great way to stay heathy and in shape while on the road. It’s like having Linda in my hotel room pushing me to work hard.” – Toby Gruber


“I love Linda’s website. It’s full of great recipes and workouts. Just when you think you’ve done everything, she comes up with a new combo or a new and healthy way of making something. I can remember the first time I took her Step class at La Fitness. After doing step in college, I thought I was prepared for the challenge. Little did I know, I was mentally and physically exhausted afterwards. But like everything else in life, you can’t give up after trying something new….you’ve got to repeat it! That’s why I’ve been a loyal student and have recommended my friends who are into fitness (and those who need some motivation) to check out her classes and videos online. When I’m away on vacation or business trip, I would turn to Linda’s website for inspiration.” – Lien Vu


“Several months ago, I decided I needed to reevaluate my choices. Diets, cleansing and the same old cardio routine were not working for me anymore. My mindset of deprivation was standing in the way of achieving my personal health and fitness goals. After taking a few of Linda’s fitness classes and following FitLinda.com, I knew her approach was right for me! I reached out to Linda and asked her to take me on as a Personal Training client. It has been and amazing journey and I am loving every minute!

Every session with Linda is different, fresh and energizing. I am always amazed that we never seem to do the same thing twice! She customizes my training to meet my goals and pushes me to limits I never thought I could reach. Linda educates me as we move through our workouts. I always understand the focus and end result of the exercise or move which helps to motivate me. It doesn’t stop there! We talk about nutrition and ideas to switch up food choices to support my fitness goals. No more diets! Linda also make suggestions for cardio and weight training between our sessions. Linda is only a text away for help..she is always there for encouragement!

I feel and see the results! My family has seen a boost in my energy and overall positive change in attitude! I am no longer a slave to the scale! I am wearing clothes comfortably that I haven’t fit into and feel awesome! Linda brings her “Personal Touch” to Personal Training. I am thrilled to be her client!” – Jenn Dougherty, North Wales, PA


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