Confident Cooking

Start Your College Student Off To A Happy and Healthy 2018! Check out my recent contribution to the University of Pittsburgh’s Collegiate Parent.

Thank you Altomonte Italian Market for hosting me and my Holiday Granola Goodness! 🎄

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This is Keely…Winning at Small Wins!🤸‍♂️💪🏼

Testimonial by Christine Mele: “I was the worst offender of not making the time to cook healthy…”

Lean Beef Burger, Roasted Eggplant, Plum Tomatoes, Blue Cheese, Romaine & Radicchio on a Whole Grain Baguette with Herbed Potatoes

Healthy Beef Barley Stew

Three Day Healthy Body Challenge Digital Program

Fit Follower Jenn D.

SNEAKERS Will Make Or Break Your Workout!!

Naturally Sweet Apple Banana Muffins with Flax and Chia Seeds