Labor Day 2015 Kickbox Cardio

Although the Labor Day 2015 Kickbox Cardio YouTube video is just 15 minutes long, it is a real challenge due to the tempo as well as the final drills I have incorporated. Please work at your own pace, hydrate and modify when needed. Advanced participants may want to repeat this video 2 or 3 times or combine the video with another on my YouTube channel/website. One of my weighted workouts would be a perfect complement! Beginners should start slowly, be patient and gradually build up to make the workout appropriate for their fitness level.

Please warm-up and stretch at the start of all workouts and conclude with a cool-down and stretch.






Quick Burn

  • Quick Burn is a high intensity cardiovascular workout that can be done in under 25 minutes.
  • Kickbox-based workout which includes drills and bodyweight moves for maximum calorie burn and muscular development.